KYOCERA Launches Sheltap Clamshell Waterproof Connector


Sheltap 9715 Series electronic connectors meet JASO D616 standards for high waterproofing and can also operate in extreme temperatures

Kyocera Corporation released a new clamshell-style branch connector especially designed for automotive electronics. This clamshell connector have an unique locking structure for waterproof connections, ensuring reliability in harsh conditions.


Due to rapid adoption of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and other automotive electronics, created a new demand for connectors that can resist harsh environments, including the vehicle exterior and direct exposure to the elements in all weather conditions. KYOCERA’s Sheltap branch connector series fulfills this demand and provide a high level of waterproof functionality and reliability.

Sheltap clamshell connector has successfully passed the high-pressure washing and high-temperature exposure testing of the JASO* D616 standards, which evaluate wire harness connectors with specially designed enclosures and sealant materials for automotive applications.

Kyocera’s Sheltap series connectors represents company’s commitment to support the rapid advancement of electronic technologies in diverse markets, including automotive, shipping, and outdoor security / camera-monitoring applications.

Features of Sheltap 9715 Series Waterproof Branch-Style Electronic Connectors

  • Unique Lock Structure Ensures Reliable Waterproofing and Ability to Withstand Extreme Temperatures :By combining a unique housing lock structure with sealant materials, the new connectors are able to meet JASO D616 standards for high waterproofing and reliability in automotive components. The Sheltap series connectors can also operate in extreme temperatures from -40 to +85℃ (185ºF).
  • Weight Reduction: Connects Aluminum Wiring, 40% Lighter Than Copper Wire
    The products are designed to meet the special interconnection requirements of aluminum wiring, which is 40 percent lighter than copper wire, and increasingly seen as a key to meeting vehicle weight-reduction goals.
  • Improves Reliability and Ease of Use
    The new waterproof connectors are easy to assemble – simply insert the wires and apply pressure. The connector keeps wires in place for excellent workflow, instantly providing a reliable connection with a waterproof seal.
  • Environmentally friendly products, RoHS compliant
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Samples are now available upon request.

About Sheltap

Kyocera’s Sheltap series of branch-style electronic connectors are engineered for automotive use. The clamshell design allows Sheltap connectors to branch and distribute electricity easily and with long-term reliability, even in harsh environments.

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