Redpine Releases MCU Family Designed for Smart and Secure IoT Devices


Redpine’s IoT MCU provides (19uA/MHz @20MHz) and high performance (1.07GOPS) in a single chip, reducing overall system cost for smart device development

Redpine Signals, extended its product portfolio by launching RS12000 SmartMCU. This family of MCUs is designed specifically to meet the high MIPS, memory and security demands of IoT devices, and at the same time it improves battery life compared to conventional ARM Cortex -M4 MCUs. The RS12000 SmartMCU family is based on a uniquely optimized multi-core IoT processor architecture which results in better performance, ultra-low-power, and highly-secure operation. Becasue of these reasons, this MCU is ideal for IoT ultra-low-power, and highly-secure operation


The RS12000 SmartMCU family have an ARM Cortex M4F running up to 250 MHz, sensor hub DSP co-processor at 125 MHz, a four-threaded network security processor based on Redpine’s ThreadArch running up to 160 MHz, and a full suite of analog and digital peripherals.

The RS12000 SmartMCU family’s high-performance configurations also have four cores and provide double the processing power, memory, and peripherals by including two gear-shifting ARM Cortex M4 processors and two ThreadArch network security processors.

As IoT devices are intended to be connected devices, the integrated network security processor has the ability to run an embedded TCP/IP stack, offloading the primary M4 processor and providing the IoT designer full access to the M4 processor cycles and RAM. In addition – a sensor hub co-processor at 125 MHz accelerates DSP processing (CMSIS-DSP) and machine learning (CMSIS-NN) functions within a local sensor data buffer, thereby freeing up the M4 further.

Based on a trusted execution environment (TEE) architecture with a separate network security processor, secure RS12000 SmartMCU products include suite-B Crypto HW accelerators, secure boot, secure firmware upgrade, secure XIP and secure peripherals. Its high-security levels are ideal for applications such as smart locks, medical devices and secure voice-based ordering.

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The RS12000 SmartMCU series featuring Redpine’s gear-shifting processor architecture and ThreadArch 4-threaded network security processor have the following products:

RS12100 – SmartMCU

  • ARM Cortex-M4F up to 250 MHz
  • Sensor hub DSP co-processor up to 125 MHz
  • Up to 400 KB RAM and 4 Mbytes Flash

RS12200 – High-Performance MCU

  • Single-core and dual-core ARM Cortex-M4F versions up to 250 MHz
  • Sensor hub DSP co-processor up to 125 MHz
  • Up to 800 KB RAM and 8 Mbytes Flash

RS12300 – Secure MCU with Trusted Execution Environment

  • Single-core and dual-core ARM Cortex-M4F versions up to 250 MHz
  • Sensor hub DSP co-processor up to 125 MHz
  • Up to 800KB RAM and 8 Mbytes Flash
  • ThreadArch™ network security processor at 160 MHz
  • UP to 1 MB ROM
  • Integrated Security stack
  • Integrated full featured TCP/IP stack
  • Trusted Execution Environment with Secure Boot

RS12000 Block Diagram

The RS12000 SmartMCU series’ patent-pending gear-shifting is achieved through hierarchical architecture implemented at every level including big and small bus matrices, switching regulators, clock-sources, memory, GPIOs and peripherals, thereby providing optimized transitions between high-performance and low-power operating modes on the same M4 processor core. These ultra-low power capabilities enable battery-operated devices such as smart locks, fitness bands, industrial control units, sensors and location tags to have 3-4x the battery life compared with other solutions.

The RS12000 series also includes an “always-on” sensor-hub with hardware accelerators for voice-activity detection (VAD), sensor data collection and capacitive touch. It also supports a rich set of digital and analog peripherals including VAD, CAN, Ethernet, eMMC/SD Card, ADC, OpAmps, DAC and USB HS-OTG with PHY. Redpine’s RS9116 wireless connectivity solutions interfaces with RS12000 to provide Wi-Fi, dual-mode BT 5 and 802.15.4 connectivity for IoT products.

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Redpine Signals offers the RS12000 SmartMCU series in QFN, BGA and WLCSP packages. The RS12000 SmartMCU series products are sampling now with volume production starting in Q1 2019.

“Existing MCU solutions in the market feature either high-performance or low-power, forcing IoT device designers to choose one mode or utilize multiple MCUs in their designs. With its unique gear-shifting architecture, Redpine has – for the first time – empowered IoT designers with both high-performance and low-power within a single processor core. By combining this architecture with the RS12000 series’ best-in-class trusted execution environment, Redpine is accelerating the development of the next generation of intelligent and wireless connected devices with zero compromise on security.” – Said by Venkat Mattela, CEO of Redpine Signals.



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