JonDeTech’s Super-thin IR Sensor for Presence Detection in Consumer Products


JonDeTech’s IR Sensors are very small and thin (thickness 0.17 mm) compared with conventional sensors, which enables them to be integrated into a variety of products at a low cost 

The manufacturer of the world’s smallest IR sensor, JonDeTech Sensors AB (publ) (”JonDeTech”), has gained a so-called design win with ShortLink AB (”ShortLink”), with the intention to use JonDeTech’s sensor for presence detection after evaluation in a product for the consumer market developed by ShortLink.


These sensors are very small and thin (thickness 0.17 mm) compared with commonly used sensors, which enables them to be integrated into a variety of products at a reasonable price.

Important features of the JonDeTech’s Sensor:

  • Made to fit – Thickness of the sensor is only 0.17 mm, robust and bendable
  • Easy to mount – The sensors can be surface mounted to most PCBs
  • Multi measurements – The sensor can be used to measure both thermal radiation and heat flux
  • Minimal footprint – Standard module dimensions are 3×3 mm (JIRS3)
  • Fully customizable – Can be manufactured in any desirable shape
  • Voltage response to irradiance for 3×3 mm sensor area:
  • Arrays of sensors can be mounted side-by-side on a PCB to create the required detector area

To see how the IR sensor works click here.    

The presence detection product will be launched in the first half of 2019 and after that European market will be target.

ShortLink decided to move on with JonDeTech’s Sensors after the prototype testing results. To deliver a product with increased customer comfort ShortLink decided to move on with JonDeTech’s Sensor.

The purpose of JonDeTech is to land a commercial agreement in the near future. JonDeTech’s sensors indicate the presence of a person and activate a remote control in the product. JonDeTech is initially focussing at international customers who develop applications in consumer electronics and the Internet of Things (IoT).

“An interesting and actual application area that suits our sensor perfectly”, said JonDeTech CEO Robert Ekström.

“JonDeTech’s sensor has a very favorable form- and price factor, and we see good opportunities to use the sensor in several current development projects”, said Martin Valfridsson, CEO of ShortLink.

About JonDeTech

JonDeTech is a Swedish Company, it develops and manufactures a new type of patented IR sensor based on nanotechnology that enables integration into a variety of applications where it was previously impossible.

About ShortLink

ShortLink develops low-powered wireless communication and portable products utilizing both conventional discrete electronics and integrated circuits, ASICs.

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