Process Control Sensors for the IoT Era

process control sensor

New Flow sensors E8FC and Pressure sensors E8PC from Omron present the new generation of innovative solutions to control the industrial process with different fluids and gases.

Process control systems in many industries rely on sensors to take accurate, reliable measurements of process parameters,  in order to make decisions to improve the processes. Meeting the demand of modern process control systems, Omron has launched the new E8FC/E8PC sensors that offer double monitoring of main parameters of flow or pressure. At the same time, they control temperature and allow to predict process abnormality in advance by indicating it with bright colored visual signals and easy-to-read exact parameters on the good visible black-white organic indicator.

New Flow/pressure process sensors for IoT

Leveraging the high speed of the IO-Link communication standard COM3, the new sensors can also at the same time transfer information about the monitored system status as well as identify data and parameters for self-diagnosis, according to the announcement.


Omron said that these sensors further its “Vertical Integration Concept” allowing to transfer monitored processing data from the lowest level of the automation and transfer settings parameters from the top to down to each sensor.

In the automotive industry, the new E8FC sensors can be used to prevent sudden stops and defects in molding and welding machines due to cooling liquids abnormalities.

Further, due to precise monitoring of hydraulic pressure, the new E8PC can be applied to prevent press and processing defects in different types of pressing machines or in advanced machining centers like CNC or others.

The Internet Of Things: A Brave New World For Consumers

Apart from being suitable for the automotive industry, several other industries can take advantage of this technology. These include industries that value not only identifying one processing mistake or abnormality that can cause huge damage to the whole production process but also to the final product. Omron said that the new E8FC/E8PC can be used as an effective solution to predict and to indicate those issues in advance.

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