Platform Brings Amazing AI Advances In Healthcare


NVIDIA’s Supercomputing Platform ‘Clara’ is designed to dramatically improve the capabilities of legacy medical instruments, ushering in the next wave of artificial intelligence (AI) medical devices.

NVIDIA recently unveiled the NVIDIA Clara platform, a combination of hardware and software that brings AI to the next generation of medical instruments as a powerful new tool for early detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

The company claims this platform will address the great challenge of medical instruments: processing the massive sea of data — tens to thousands of gigabytes worth — generated each second so it can be interpreted by doctors and scientists.


Achieving this level of supercomputing has traditionally required three computing architectures: FPGAs, CPUs and GPUs. The platform claims to simplify this by incorporating the NVIDIA Clara AGX — a revolutionary computing architecture based on the NVIDIA Xavier AI computing module and NVIDIA Turing GPUs — and the Clara software development kit for developers to create a wide range of AI-powered applications for processing data from existing systems.

“New technologies are transforming healthcare,” said Dr. Greg Zaharchuk, founder of Subtle Medical, radiologist and associate professor in Radiology at Stanford. “NVIDIA’s vision for a virtualized imaging supercomputer is an exciting new chapter that will revolutionize our ability to deliver AI-powered healthcare.”

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