Rapid IoT Prototyping Board for Creating Secure Connected Applications


The new AVR-IoT WG development board from Microchip is a perfect starting point for engineers creating almost any IoT device, ranging from wireless sensor nodes to intelligent lighting systems. 

Microchip has announced a new Internet of Things (IoT) rapid development board along with Google Cloud, which the company claims enables designers to prototype connected devices within minutes, all that while minimizing development effort, cost and security vulnerabilities.

Microchip, Google Cloud Enable Rapid IoT Prototyping

The AVR-IoT WG Development Board combines a powerful AVR microcontroller (MCU), a CryptoAuthentication secure element IC and a fully certified Wi-Fi network controller to provide a simple and effective way to connect embedded applications. Once connected, Google Cloud IoT Core makes it easy to collect, process and analyze data to inform decisions at scale.


The solution gives developers the ability to add Google Cloud connectivity to new and existing projects with a single click using a free online portal at www.AVR-IoT.com. Once connected, developers can use Microchip’s rapid development tools, MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC) and Atmel START, to develop and debug in the cloud.

Microchip mentioned that connecting devices to Google Cloud IoT Core’s infrastructure allows powerful data and analytics that enable designers to make better, smarter products.

The solution includes the following to help designers to quickly connect IoT designs to the cloud:

  • Powerful AVR microcontroller (MCU) with integrated peripherals
  • Secure element to protect the root of trust in hardware
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to Google Cloud

“Designing secure, cloud-connected systems does not have to be an exhaustive process, and our expanded offerings with Google Cloud provide a simplified development process to bring IoT designs to market quickly,” said Steve Drehobl, vice president of Microchip’s 8-bit MCU business unit. “Because the board is supported by both MCC and Atmel START, designers can accelerate development using their preferred tool.”

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“Microchip’s solutions enable Google Cloud IoT customers to build or migrate their applications with speed and scale, without compromising on security,” said Antony Passemard, Head of Product Management for Google Cloud IoT. “Combined with Google Cloud Platform’s network infrastructure and Google’s IoT services, the simplicity of the board makes powerful analytics tools and unique machine learning capabilities accessible to anyone.”

Development Tools

As announced last week, AVR devices are now beta supported in the MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment (IDE), giving designers the option to choose between MCC or Atmel START when developing with the AVR-IoT Development Board. The board is compatible with more than 450 MikroElektronika Click boards that expand sensors and actuator options. Developers who purchase the kit will have access to an online portal for immediate visualization of their sensors’ data being published.

Pricing and Availability

The AVR-IoT WG Development Board (AC164160) is available in volume production now for $29 each.

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