Major Upgrade: ADLINK Adds ‘Quad’ Core i3 Value Processor to COM Express


ADLINK’s major upgrade results in a more than 80% performance boost in MIPS and an almost doubling of memory/caching bandwidth

ADLINK Express-CF-i3-8100H

ADLINK has added the quad-core Intel Core i3-8100H processor to its recently released Express-CF COM Express Basic size Type 6 module based on the 8th Generation Intel Core i5/i7 and Xeon processors (formerly Coffee Lake).

ADLINK, a leading global provider of advanced embedded modules, announced the addition on Thursday.

According to the company, its new processor aims to deliver best price/performance ever, benefiting mainstream high volume applications.


More than 80% performance boost

While previous generations Intel Core i3 processors supported only dual cores with 3MB cache, the Intel Core i3-8100H is the first in its class to support 4 CPU cores with 6MB of cache. This major upgrade results in a more than 80% performance boost in MIPS (million instructions per second), and an almost doubling of memory/caching bandwidth, all at no significant cost increase compared to earlier generations.

Intel Core i3 processors are widely recognized as the best valued processor and are therefore preferred in high-volume, cost-sensitive applications. They are popular choices in gaming, medical and industrial control to name a few.

Currently, the ADLINK Express-CF-i3-8100H is in production.


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