New 5G Toolbox for MATLAB

5g toolbox

Do you want to design 5G wireless technologies with MATLAB? Here’s the new 5G toolbox for MATLAB.

With all the interest 5G is generating in the industry, MathWorks is helping wireless design engineers to implement a 5G-compliant design with the new 5G Toolbox, which provides standard-compliant functions and reference examples for the modeling, simulation, and verification of 5G communications systems. The toolbox supports link-level simulation, golden reference verification and conformance testing, and test waveform generation.

According to the announcement, engineers using 5G Toolbox can quickly design critical algorithms and predict end-to-end link performance of systems that conform to the 5G Release 15 standard specification.


5G Toolbox joins the company’s wireless communications product portfolio that also includes support for LTE and WLAN standards, simulation of massive MIMO antenna arrays and RF front end technologies, over-the-air testing, and rapid prototyping of radio hardware.

“When adopting 5G, wireless engineers need to verify that their product designs can conform or co-exist with a new, complex standard that will continue to evolve. Very few companies have adequate resources or in-house expertise to understand and implement a 5G-compliant design,” said Ken Karnofsky, senior strategist – signal processing applications, MathWorks. “Having seen how LTE Toolbox has helped teams quickly deploy pre-5G designs in radio test beds, we anticipate 5G Toolbox will have a similar impact for the mainstream wireless market.”

5G Toolbox: Model, simulate, design and test 5G systems with MATLAB

5G Toolbox helps wireless design engineers manage increasing design complexity while reducing development time. They can now use the toolbox for link-level simulation, golden reference verification, conformance testing, and test waveform generation – without starting from scratch, said the firm.

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The press release also stated that companies with siloed tools for RF, antenna, and baseband design; limited experience with MIMO technologies; or that lack automation from simulation to prototyping can now rely on MATLAB as a common environment for simulation, over-the-air-testing, and rapid prototyping.

To learn more about 5G Toolbox, click here.




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