‘Digital LEDs’ Refine Car’s Interior Lighting

digital led

Osram joins the ISELED alliance to further contribute to the emergence of innovative LED solutions for next-gen cars.

Osram has entered the open ISELED Alliance formed in 2016 to further develop and market the “digital LED” (controller chip with three coloured LED chips) for an innovative LED lighting concept for vehicle interiors. The mission of the ISELED Alliance is to create LED-related products and solutions for the automotive market. These solutions are to be based on an entirely new in-car LED lighting concept that drives down costs, simplifies control, and expands the functionality of LED lighting and display solutions.

Osram will soon be introducing the first prototypes of smart RGB LEDs on the market, according to the announcement.

Osram joins car interior lighting alliance


The ISELED alliance aims to install a complete ecosystem with the corresponding hardware and software for the ISELED concept. In the ISELED concept, each of the “digital LEDs” consists of a red, green and blue LED chip, which are integrated together with a controller in a small package and can be daisy-chained. In total, up to 4079 of these digital LEDs can be arranged via a differential 2-wire bus with a data rate of 2 Mbps and controlled by an external controller. With a data rate of 2 Mbps and using the corresponding application software – also available from ISELED partners – fascinating lighting effects with video speed are possible.

“A key customer advantage of these innovative smart LED components is that the complex calibration for adjusting colour location and brightness between the individual LEDs is no longer necessary,” explains Hermann Senninger, senior marketing manager Automotive Interior at Opto Semiconductors. “In addition, this technology also opens up many other potential applications for our customers – first for the vehicle interior and later also for the exterior.”

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“The addition of Osram Opto Semiconductors – one of the world’s leading providers of innovative LED products – underscores the growing acceptance of ISELED and its ecosystem as a highly innovative and forward-looking technology,” said Robert Kraus, CEO of Inova Semiconductors and a founding member of the alliance, welcoming the new member of the alliance. “With its extensive LED expertise and manufacturing know-how, Osram Opto Semiconductors will continue to strengthen the unique technology concept and enable new, previously unrealisable LED lighting capabilities for the next generation of vehicles.”

In addition to Osram Opto Semiconductors, Inova Semiconductors, Dominant Opto Technologies, Lucie Labs, Melexis, OLSA Group, NXP, TE Connectivity, the University of Pforzheim and Valeo have already joined the alliance.

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