Processor Prioritises Autonomous Car Safety


Arm unveils new processor to pave way to mass-market autonomous driving

If consumers don’t trust the autonomous systems in their cars are safe, then mass market acceptance of this technology will be slow to happen. Therefore, ARM has unveiled a new processor that prioritizes safety for autonomous cars. The new Arm Cortex-A76AE is claimed as the first autonomous-class processor with integrated safety. The processor is hoped to help in the design of chips that will enable autonomous vehicles to meet the stringent safety requirements.

The world’s first autonomous-class processor with integrated safety

A noteworthy feature of the Cortex-A76AE is Split-Lock technology, an innovation that helps to boost the safety required for autonomous vehicles. The “AE” or Automotive Enhanced, means that the processor targets specific automotive use cases.


The processor is optimized for 7nm process nodes which allows more features into the same space.

The company says that car makers can also design their autonomous systems to require watts and not the kilowatts required for today’s prototypes.

“Safety is the highest priority for car makers we talk with, for both the obvious technology factors associated with autonomous systems controlling all aspects of driving, but also to ensure that human passengers can trust their automated driver,” the company noted.

Arm’s Automotive IP roadmap

The Cortex-A76AE is the first in a roadmap of “Automotive Enhanced” processors. The new roadmap includes “Helios-AE” and “Hercules-AE”, all optimized for 7nm. More details to come as these products are launched.

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