Wrist-Worn Platform for Monitoring ECG, Heart Rate and Temperature

Maxim Integrated wrist-worn wearable development platform features ECG, heart rate and body temperature monitoring

Maxim claims first wrist-worn wearable platform for monitoring ECG, heart rate and temperature

Today’s consumers find it convenient to carry wrist-worn wearable devices wherever they go. They also want wearables with reliable accuracy. However, it has been challenging to derive precise ECG monitoring and accurate body temperature from the wrist. Maxim has overcome these challenges in the new Health Sensor Platform 2.0 (HSP 2.0). The company says the platform helps developers to quickly create unique, highly accurate wearable solutions with continuous monitoring of various health parameters.

Wrist-worn Wearable Platform Offers Anytime Access to Vital Signs

The new MAXREFDES101# brings the ability to monitor electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate and body temperature to a wrist-worn wearable, saving up to six months in development time, claims Maxim.


Data can be stored on the platform for patient evaluation or streamed to a PC for analysis later. Unlike other wearables, the data measurements collected by the HSP 2.0 can be owned by the wearer, alleviating data privacy concerns and allowing users to conduct their own data analysis. Also, because HSP 2.0 is an open platform, designers can evaluate their own algorithms on the board. In addition, the modular format is future proof to quickly accommodate new sensors over time.

Key advantages for designers

  • Fast Time to Market: Fully working hardware and firmware with companion watch casing cuts design and validation time by up to six months
  • High Accuracy: It is claimed as the only available solution to integrate clinical-grade ECG along with heart-rate and body-temperature measurements into a wrist-worn format
  • Arm Mbed Support: For efficient evaluation and rapid application prototyping, the Mbed environment provides a high level of abstraction to eliminate maintenance of software tools and provide an extensive library of open-source software
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Availability and Pricing

Health Sensor Platform 2.0, MAXREFDES101#, is available with hardware and firmware files for $399 USD at Maxim’s website and select franchised distributors. Arm Mbed also offers the hardware, firmware and microboard.



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