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Toshiba Launches Power Amplifier for Car Audio with Strong Resistance to Power Surges

Toshiba has launched a new 4-channel power amplifier for car audio that delivers strong resistance to power surges typically found in vehicle electronics. The company said that the new TCB503HQ chip achieves a higher reliability with an analog fine process resistant to power surges. It also supports 6V operations suitable for vehicles equipped with idling reduction systems, which have become popular in recent years. This feature suppresses popping sounds that occur when power voltage fluctuates.

Other features include a built-in filter to improve resistance to extraneous high-frequency noise, and to prevent generation of abnormal noise even when there is high-frequency noise from mobile phone radio waves and adjustment of door mirrors.


Using the clip detection signal to control the volume and tone control circuit, the sound quality of the set can be improved, said the firm.

Features of the TCB503HQ Car audio power amplifier

• High output power and low distortion
• Built-in mute and standby functions, offset detection, short circuit detection, and output clip detection
• 6V operations (engine idling reduction capability)
• Built-in protection circuits (overheat, overvoltage, short to the power supply, short to the ground, and load shorted)

For further information about the new product, click here. 

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