Secure & Robust Miniature Connectors with Additional Fixing Flexibility


Addition of further products to the Harwin’s 1.25mm pitch Screw-Lok connectors range results in increased design flexibility

The existing Gecko-SL range from Harwin combines the miniature yet powerful 1.25mm pitch connector system with the ease and strength of Screw-Lok (SL) jackscrew fixings. These screw-loks are made from stainless steel to ensure a strong and secure connection. For additional design flexibility, a reverse fix screw-lock design has been added to the range, according to the announcement.

Gecko-SL Reverse Fix 1.25mm pitch Screw-Lok Connectors

The new screw-loks work in reverse to the existing design: the screw-loks on the male connectors are the floating fixings, and screw into the female connectors. The female connectors have an option for board or panel-mounting, with a threaded stud on the rear of the screw-lok.


The Reverse Fix screw-lok design is available on male and female cable housings, male and female Surface Mount, and male and female Throughboard. The female connectors can be chosen as basic screw-loks, or with the board-mount stud. Cable contacts and board mount nuts are available for purchase separately.

Features and Benefits

  • Female connectors ideal for board or panel-mounting: In safety critical or “hot” unplugged connectors, the fully and individually shrouded female can now be the PCB mounted half, without having to jack the connectors together from the underside of the PCB.
  • 2A per contact (all electrically loaded; 2.8A per individual contact) at 1.25mm pitch: Excellent current capacity for a miniature connector, saving space and weight in critical applications
  • Compact design, significant space saving over Micro-D: Up to 45% smaller and up to 75% lighter over existing equivalent industry standards, ideal for avionics
  • Mate before Lock: Faster and easier assembly both in-house and in the field
  • Robust Design: Maintains electrical contact in extreme shock and vibration conditions
  • World-class quality from the Original Designers of Datamate: Published test reports, proven track record, high-quality requirements through the complete production cycle
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Key Applications

  • Aviation: Avionic controls, guidance systems, UAVs, engine controls, radar and tracking
  • Motor sport & transport: Navigation, AI, GPS and tracking equipment, communications and telemetry, ERS controls
  • Space: Satellites & CubeSats, radar, communications, launch systems
  • Defense & Security: UAVs, UUV and other ROV, ground communications, handheld portable equipment, rugged vehicle electronics
  • High-End Industrial Portable equipment, high vibration and robotics systems

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