Workshop on Implementing a Digital Power Supply

digital power supply

4-day workshop on designing digital power supplies and digital controllers based on the STM32 development ecosystem and Biricha’s power supply design software

The continuing development of low-cost, high-performance microcontrollers (MCUs) specifically aimed at intelligent power solutions has created new design possibilities. In pursuit of this, STMicroelectronics and Biricha Digital Power, a firm focused on switched power design and EMC, have developed a workshop to show why and how power-supply engineers should quickly move to a digital implementation.

Implementing Digital Power Supplies on STM32 MCUs

The workshop, aimed at analog PSU (Power Supply Unit) designers and embedded-system engineers who need to build high-performance, stable digital power supplies and Digital PFCs (Power Factor Corrections), will be based on a complementary portfolio of tailored hardware, software, tools, labs and detailed training documentation.


This includes the STM32F334 product line (with its high-resolution timer – 217ps) combined with Biricha’s Power Supply and PFC design software.

Key sessions will demonstrate how to quickly design digital power supplies and power factor correction from scratch, and how to design stable digital control loops for both voltage and current mode DC/DC and PFC applications, according to the announcement.

Workshop participants will get a chance to design, code, implement and test several digital power supplies.

The first workshop, an all-inclusive 4-day course hosted by Future Electronics, is scheduled for November 27-30, 2018 in Munich, Germany.

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