Compact 48V Buck Regulator For Datacenters and Lighting Industries


Vicor offers BGA package option for 48V Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulator portfolio

The Cool-Power 48V ZVS 20A Buck Regulator portfolio has been extended by the addition of the PI354x-00-BGIZ, offering a new BGA package option to the existing PI354x-00-LGIZ LGA series. Vicor notes that the PI354x’s high-performance ZVS topology enables 48V direct to PoL without sacrificing performance. With step-down regulation from a higher voltage source, engineers can deploy more efficient power distribution architectures, reduce I2R losses, and eliminate costly and inefficient intermediate conversion stages.

The PI354x series is designed for a wide range of applications leveraging higher voltage distribution, including: telecom, network infrastructure, data centers, industrial, battery, and lighting applications.


Operating from 36VIN to 60VIN, the PI354x regulates an output voltage ranging from 2.2V to 14V and delivers an output current delivery up to 10A. Power delivery can be further increased by using single wire current sharing without any additional components, according to the firm.

When used in conjunction with the Vicor front-end products and factorized power products, the PI354x series enables a complete power chain from AC or HVDC (200V+) source to PoL. The PI354x series expands and enhances the Vicor Power Component Design Methodology.

Learn more about these products here.

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