A Step Towards Cost-effective 5G Network Deployment


Veluxsys paves the way to make 5G network deployments cost-effective 

5G, the fifth generation of mobile wireless networks, promises to bring faster, more reliable connections and will herald a new era of smart cities, smart cars, smart farms and smart homes. As governments and enterprises look to take advantage of 5G’s extensive connectivity benefits, Veluxsys said it is poised to help make cost-effective 5G network deployments a reality.

Solutions For Cost-effective 5G Network Deployment

Veluxsys is working to develop efficient, cutting-edge, profitable solutions to current fixed wireless and last mile deployment technologies.


The company leverages both integrated photonics and software-defined-radio to form the next generation of 5G communication systems.

Backed by expertise in fiber optic networks through Precision OT, the company will soon be conducting a demonstration of its product concept, according to the announcement.

5G networks offer the ability to support a 1,000-fold gain in capacity over 4G and speeds for end-users of up to 10 Gbps (Gigabytes per second). In relation to 4G’s current capabilities, with speeds still measured in Mbps (Megabits per second), 5G will change the telecommunications landscape for good. In fact, according to Cisco, by 2025, the global 5G market is predicted to reach a value of $251 billion.

Nevertheless, the industry still faces an economic challenge in deploying the necessary infrastructure with some industry analysts suggesting network costs could double as providers work to meet consumer demand for 5G.

“Our team of experts has been listening to the concerns of the telecommunications industry for some time,” says Todd Davis, CEO of Veluxsys. “Right now, many companies worry they will have to deploy an exponentially greater number of radios, antennas and antenna arrays so end-users can enjoy the ubiquitous coverage they have come to expect with 4G networks. This is because millimeter wave (mmWave) technology, which underpins 5G communications, has a relatively short range of up to less than a mile. However, by using highly-sophisticated photonics technology, Veluxsys is designing a whole new type of radio-to-multiple-antenna system that will save network operators money and help 5G networks become reality.”

Multi-sensor Bluetooth 5 Node For IoT

“With proprietary technologies carefully crafted and designed by the company’s in-house experts, network operators, carriers and service providers will soon be able to experience major cost savings for large-scale 5G applications”, the announcement said.

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