DIY Smartphone-connected Bluetooth Thermometer


Want to design a high-precision, fast and low-cost Bluetooth-connected thermometer?

Thermometers have been around for some time in traditional medical settings, but now digital temperature measurement devices can be found in many new and exciting places. Today, the ability to measure temperature is being integrated into many consumer products such as connected fitness and medical activity trackers.

Some of the considerations in digital thermometer design are the need for extended battery life, along with high-precision, fast response time and lower cost.


These requirements for digital thermometers are addressed by the ‘Bluetooth digital thermometer reference design’ from Microchip.

Key features of the thermometer design

  • Measures temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • The design helps to develop a low-cost digital thermometer which can be handheld or integrated into a wearable device.
  • The design uses Microchip’s PIC16F1519 MCU and RN42 Bluetooth Module. The PIC16F1519 MCU is a cost-effective 8-bit microcontroller with an integrated capacitive touch sensing module and features sleep currents as low as 9 nA.
  • Lower cost development with integrated development ecosystem, MPLAB X IDE, which encapsulates coding, debugging, software simulation, hardware emulation and device programming in a single interface.
  • Lower BOM cost and less design complexity enabled by the integration of coherent peripherals, like built-in LCD drive, touch-sensing capability and other associated features
  • Powered by two AAAA batteries
  • OLED display is used to demonstrate stand-alone design capability
  • Bluetooth module is used to demonstrate smartphone/tablet connected design capability
  • Cost-effective options to add wireless connectivity

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