DIY Voice-controlled TV Remote

voice remote

Do you want to control your TV by just speaking to it? Here are reference designs that will help you build a voice remote quickly.

Today, when everything is becoming smart from cars and homes to appliances and phones, have you ever thought of making your dumb TV remote smart? So, clear your throat as changing the channel, inputting large strings, and much more will soon be as easy as chatting with a friend with these voice remote reference designs.

Remote brings voice search and navigation to your TV

Voice as a means to interact with devices has become popular due to the inherent simplicity of the interactions. Sending voice data over a low-power wireless protocol enables multiple use cases such as voice recognition. The CC2650 Remote Control Design from TI provides a reference platform for Bluetooth low energy and RF4CE remote control application development. The ultra-low-power capabilities of the SimpleLink platform creates a remote control solution with advanced features, like the Find me tool, gesture and pointing, and voice command, without sacrificing battery life.


The design is based on the CC2650 SimpleLink multistandard wireless microcontroller (MCU). The remote control features 32 metal dome buttons, a bicolored light-emitting diode (LED), a nine-axis micro-electrical-mechanical system (MEMS) motion sensor, a digital microphone, an IR LED, 1MB of external flash, and a buzzer.

Click here for the reference design

BLE Remote Control Reference Design

The CY5672 PRoC BLE Remote Control provides a production-ready implementation of a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Bluetooth Smart remote control. The kit features Cypress’s PRoC BLE, an easy-to-use, single-chip solution that offers CapSense technology at a low cost. The PRoC BLE remote control can work with almost any host device (PC, laptops, Smart TVs, tablets etc.).

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The remote control supports multiple connectivity options:

  • Bluetooth Smart connectivity for Bluetooth Smart Ready devices
  • USB connectivity via the CY5670 – CySmart USB Dongle (BLE Dongle) for devices with built-in USB hosts
  • Infrared (IR) based connectivity for devices with built-in IR receivers.

The PRoC BLE remote control has a trackpad to detect two- and one-finger gestures like:

  • Finger tracking for cursor movement
  • One-finger tap for left click
  • Two-finger tap for right click
  • Two-finger pinch in/out for zoom in/out
  • One-finger swipe down at right edge for vertical scroll
  • One-finger swipe down at bottom edge for horizontal scroll
  • One-finger swipe down on the top edge to go to Start Screen (for Windows 8/8.1)

Click here for the reference design.



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