Smallest Logic Package For Wearable & IoT PCBs

logic package

Miniature 4-pin ≥0.4mm-pitch devices make PCB assembly quicker, easier, more reliable and more cost-effective.

Wearable and IoT (internet of things) devices are enabled by components that continue to grow smaller and more capable. The increasingly small packaging of the components can cause PCB assembly concerns.

Nexperia unveils a four-pin X2SON4 package which it claims as the smallest logic package that can be used without requiring an expensive and fragile step-down mask. Therefore, PCB assembly is quicker, easier, more reliable and more cost-effective.

Smallest logic package that can be used without a step-down mask


Part of its MicroPak package range, the X2SON packages are believed to provide the smallest footprint for logic functions while ensuring pad pitch remains 0.4mm or over (step-down masks are only needed under that threshold).

The company’s low-power AUP, AXP, LV and LVC technology families covering over one hundred logic solutions are now available in X2SON 8, 6, 5 and 4-pin packages.

“The new 4-pin X2SON4 package option reduces the footprint of the same function by 44% when compared to 5-pin X2SON5, and by up to 64% when compared to XSON packages”, the firm claims.

Michael Lyons, senior product manager at Nexperia commented: “X2SON4 enables the release of smaller buffers and inverters, that were previously only available in 5-pin or 6-pin leadless packages. All our X2SON solutions enable miniaturization without the use of expensive and fragile step down masks.”

As packages become smaller, the pad pitch is reduced – making the use of standard assembly tools difficult. If the pitch is reduced to less than 0.4mm, thinner and delicate step down masks (stencils) are required to apply solder paste. They typically need to be replaced regularly, may also require a different, more expensive solder paste, and the placement of components may be restricted because the mask won’t work over the entire board.

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The company explained that the X2SON packages require no step-down mask, thus saving manufacturing costs. In addition, the X2SON’s larger pad pitch provides greater contact area, resulting in easier component placement, as well as improved joint strength and robustness. Larger pad pitches make it easier to avoid costly assembly problems such as misaligned components, and reduce the risk of short circuits.

The new future-proof X2SON4 logic package also features a low 0.32mm profile and low 0.6mm width and length, suiting space-constrained, portable applications such as IoT, wearables and consumer electronics.

Devices are RoHS & dark-green compliant with NiPdAu leadframe finish. Ten AUP and LVC logic buffers / inverters are currently available from Nexperia in the new X2SON4 (SOT1269-2) package. For more information on Nexperia’s portfolio in X2SON packages click here or download the leaflet here. Get datasheets here from the “Products” tab.





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