High-speed CMOS Sensor For Scanning & Barcode Reading

cmos image sensor

Teledyne e2v launches fast and accurate Snappy 2M CMOS for enhanced productivity and throughput in logistics, sorting, retail POS, etc.

The growing usage of CMOS image sensors in a variety of applications, as well as increasing technological innovations, have made them smaller, faster, more accurate and cheaper.

To address this demand, imaging solutions provider Teledyne e2v has announced Snappy 2 megapixel, a new CMOS image sensor optimized for barcode reading and other 2D scanning applications. The sensor enables fast and accurate scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes. This enables scanning platforms to offer enhanced productivity and throughput in logistics, sorting, retail POS (point of sale), and many other associated verticals.


“The sensor uniquely combines full HD resolution, a 2.8μm low-noise global shutter and advanced features for fast and economic decoding, all within a small optical format”, said the company.

Snappy’s features are also useful in a number of other applications including drones/UAVs, embedded imaging, IoT edge devices, intelligent surveillance cameras and augmented reality/virtual reality.

Gareth Powell, Marketing Manager at Teledyne e2v, said, “Snappy 2MP is the first in a range of innovative sensors specifically aimed at barcode reading and is designed to empower handheld, mobile or fixed readers and automatic identification cameras with better than ever performance. The new sensors feature our patented Fast-Exposure mode, which ensures that the first image frame is correctly exposed to enable the fastest possible identification and decoding by the image processing system, even in diverse or rapidly changing light conditions.”

Snappy 2MP is a member of an expanding family of sensors with identical software and hardware requirements, bringing further cost savings by enabling a complete range of scanners/cameras at different resolutions from a single system design effort.

CMOS Image Sensors For Machine Vision & Intelligent Transportation Systems

Snappy 2M CMOS Image Sensor Key Features:

  • Small, low noise global shutter CMOS pixel (2.8μm x 2.8μm)
  • Small 1/3 inch optical format at full HD format
  • Excellent signal to noise ratio at low light, saving on system illuminations costs
  • HDR modes for wide dynamic scenes
  • Single and multi ROI modes for tracking simultaneous image regions

Samples and demo kits are now available. Click here for more information.



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