DIY Robotic Lawn Mower

lawn mower

Want to make your own high-accuracy Lawn Mower robot?

Who would not want to have a robot which mulches your worries? Robots not only vacuum the house, mowe the lawn and clean up leaves. In fact, they do an ever-growing variety of industrial tasks ranging from simple repetitive tasks to more complex tasks in harsh environments. Autonomous navigation and collision avoidance are critical functions for safety and efficient operation in both consumer and industrial robots.

This reference design from TI explains an easy way to make your own lawn mover/vacuum/humanoid robot. Learn about how 3D time-of-flight (ToF) sensors enables the robot to “see” their environment and move around without collision. The files such as schematics, PCB layout, user guides and application notes are also available for download.

Lawn Mower Robot Reference design


The reference design consists of the QVGA-Resolution 3D ToF sensor OPT8241, and the ToF controller OPT9221. The accuracy of the distance measurements of the 3D ToF solution is enabling the robot to detect and recognize object and to do a mapping of the room, allowing best path choice, reduce time and improve coverage, avoid job incomplete, collision and to get stuck under obstacles.


• 320×240 Pixels at 30 fps enabling: accurate object detection, systematic routing, avoiding collision, avoiding getting stuck
• Active infrared illumination allows operation in both daylight and the dark
• <0.1% distance measurement error


• Vacuum Robot
• Lawn Mower Robot
• Service Robot
• Humanoid Robot

Click here for reference design


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