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GrammaTech unveils the latest release of its static analysis tool CodeSonar with increased language coverage and much more.

One of the vital tools for embedded software development is that help eliminate software bugs to improve the quality of software. Software security tool provider GrammaTech unveiled the latest update of its static analysis tool CodeSonar, which the company notes as the next step in usability and extensibility for users of static analysis.

Static Analysis Tool: Code Sonar 5

The new release CodeSonar 5 adds support for C# next to the already existing support for C, C++ and Java. This gives CodeSonar coverage for the most popular programming languages for safety and security critical industries such as Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Consumer/Electronic as well Aerospace and Defense.


CodeSonar 5 adds support for importing results in the Static Analysis Results Interchange Format (SARIF).

This update also adds a copy-paste error checker that looks for problems caused by incorrect use of C/C++ code.

The company says this checker has already identified more than 20 problems in popular open-source programs including the Linux kernel, chromium, mysql, wine, eclipse TCF, python, and postgres.

The solution also extends its language support in its natural language generator for Mandarin, Japanese, and English. Also, other languages can easily be added.

In addition, enhancements to C++11, 14, and 17 support; floating point support; and more flexibility in role-based access control, are included.

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