Open-source RISC-V Processor Ideal For IoT

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Bluespec launches new RISC-V Processors to spur open innovation

Bluespec has launched Piccolo, a new family of open-source RISC-V processors as a vehicle for open innovation in embedded systems.

Piccolo is a 3-stage RV32IM processor whose small footprint is ideal for many internet of things (IoT) applications. The repository contains a royalty-free synthesizable Verilog core that can be easily integrated and deployed into an ASIC or FPGA.

Piccolo: New RISC-V processor


Embedded system developers want the freedom to innovate and simplification of their development cycle. The answer is easy access to reliable open-source RISC-V cores that are portable across all technology platforms. Companies need to make product and business decisions free from the constraining license and royalty terms of proprietary IP business models.

“RISC-V has demonstrated that open collaboration can produce an industrial strength ISA. The independent RISC-V Foundation maintains the ISA and has over 100 members, including many notable high-tech companies. RISC-V dominates computer architecture research and is rapidly expanding as a vehicle for commercial innovation”, the company noted in the announcement.

“The process of licensing traditional processors is time-consuming and expensive,” says Jim Hogan of Managing Partner of Vista Ventures. “Expensive processors present a formidable barrier to innovation in the embedded systems market. Developers have been waiting for a viable choice and it is exciting to see that a truly viable option in RISC-V is finally coming of age. Bluespec’s release of verified and easy to integrate processors is yet another indication of the RISC-V turning point.”

Bluespec will actively maintain Piccolo. It also offers commercial-grade tools for the customization and verification of RISC-V cores. Configurations will be continually added to provide the full spectrum of embedded controller features.

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Download a working RV32IM core at



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