Tamper Detection Solution For Smart Meters

tamper detect

Solutions boost smart-meter tamper detect and precision motion sensing

As more and more traditional electronic meters are being replaced by smart energy meters to optimize energy usage, detection and correction of tampering attempts of smart electricity meters are becoming an important concern for smart-meter designers.

STMicroelectronics is offering designers the new IIS2MDC magnetometer and ISM303DAC eCompass that it claims enable both reliable, low-power tamper detection for smart meters and precision motion and distance sensing in applications from industrial automation and robotics to smart buildings, smart security, and medical devices. The devices offer industrial-grade longevity that assures availability for 10 years.

Industrial Magnetometer and eCompass With Smart-Meter Tamper Detect


Both sensors contain an AMR (Anisotropic Magneto-Resistive) magnetometer with high dynamic range of ±50 Gauss, which meets the benchmarks for resolution and low power consumption.

The chips also feature an integrated temperature sensor, and provides a 16-bit digital output via a built-in I2C/SPI serial interface.

The ISM303DAC’s additional integrated low-noise 3-axis accelerometer with user-selectable full-scale range up to ±16g enables dual-mode magnetic/physical tamper detection. It also serves applications such as antenna pointing, positioning and navigation, robot guidance, and general industrial motion tracking or distance sensing. The magnetic and accelerometer blocks can be powered down independently to maximize energy savings.

Both devices can be configured to generate an interrupt signal for magnetic-field detection and automatically compensate for hard-iron offsets provided from the higher application layer.

Additionally, the ISM303DAC can also generate interrupts upon recognition of freefall events, tap and double-tap, activity or inactivity, 6D-orientation thresholds, and wake-up events.

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A built-in FIFO stores accelerometer data to minimize main-processor intervention and, as a result, reduce system power consumption.

Development support includes drivers for both sensors, and software examples including tilt-compensated electronic compass, dynamic magnetometer calibration, and 6-axis or 9-axis sensor fusion.

Pricing & Availability:

The IIS2MDC and ISM303DAC are available now in the leadless 2mm x 2mm x 0.7mm LGA-12 package, priced from $0.85 for the IIS2MDC or $1.9 for the ISM303DAC.

The STEVAL-MKI185V1 adapter board for the IIS2MDC and STEVAL-MKI184V1 for the ISM303DAC are also available.

The adapter boards are available directly from ST or from distributors, at the recommended price of $16 for the STEVAL-MKI185V1 or $17.15 for the STEVAL-MKI184V1. The STEVAL-MKI109V3 main board is also available from ST or distributors, priced $85.75.

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