Fast-Charge USB Adapters for Smartphones & Tablets


USB adapter designs incorporate the advanced PPS (Programmable Power Supply) option within the USB power delivery (USB PD) 3.0 standard

The USB standard continues to emerge to enable advanced features such as fast charging, safety and convenience. Compliance and certification are ongoing challenges for manufacturers to keep pace with these changes and build these new capabilities in their designs.

Power Integrations recently announced that a range of adapter designs based on Power Integrations’ InnoSwitch3-Pro and InnoSwitch3-CP ICs have achieved compliance with the emerging USB PD 3.0 standards.


“USB PD 3.0 will be ubiquitous in mobile devices in the very near future. The PPS option is important not only for smartphones and tablets but also now for notebook computers due to the thermal constraints of today’s super-thin form factors”, the announcement stated.

New USB Adapter designs with USB PD 3.0 compliance

During a recent workshop in Portland, Oregon, nine adapter designs featuring InnoSwitch3 devices – including several designs submitted by leading power-supply manufacturers – successfully completed USB PD 3.0 compliance testing, the company said.

Several of the successful designs incorporated the advanced PPS option within the USB PD 3.0 standard, which enables faster charging of smartphones, tablets and notebooks without generating dangerously high levels of heat in the device itself.

The dynamically configurable InnoSwitch3-Pro integrated switcher IC family enables digital micro-stepping of voltage and current for precise battery charge control.

Capable of delivering up to 65 W and achieving up to 94% efficiency across line and load conditions, the new devices may be paired with a microcontroller or take inputs from a system CPU to control and monitor the off-line power supply.

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The company noted that with an efficiency of up to 94%, the InnoSwitch3-Pro IC devices enable devices to run cool, while also reducing the system BOM (bill of materials).

According to the firm, InnoSwitch3-Pro supports virtually any rapid-charging protocol, including USB PD 3.0 + PPS, Quick Charge 4/4+, AFC, VOOC, SCP, FCP and other industrial and consumer battery charger standards, as well as applications in dimmable LED ballast drivers and field-configurable industrial power supplies.


InnoSwitch3-Pro samples are available now, priced at $1.12, in 10,000-piece quantities. Technical support for InnoSwitch3-Pro ICs is available from the Power Integrations website.

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