6x6mm Front-end Module For Smart Meters

front-end module

Low-cost 460 MHz Transmit/receive front-end module for internet of things (IoT)   

Today’s IoT designers increasingly need highly-integrated front-end modules that meet emerging demands such as cost and space savings, low power consumption and quick time to market. Skyworks has recently launched the SKY66119-11, a high-performance, transmit/receive (T/R) front-end module (FEM) for applications such as automated meter reading, advanced metering infrastructure, ISM systems and range extender.

The device is mounted in a 28-pin, 6 x 6 mm Multi-Chip Module (MCM) surface-mount technology (SMT) package, which allows for a highly manufacturable low-cost solution, the company said.

460 MHz Transmit/receive front-end module for IoT

  • Complete T/R chain with T/R switches.
  • Transmit chain features +30.5 dBm output.
  • Receive chain features a low-noise amplifier (LNA) with a 1.3 dB noise figure (NF) and 15.5 dB gain.
  • The cascaded NF and gain, taking into account the 0.4 dB insertion loss transmit/receive antenna switch, are 1.7 dB and 15 dB, respectively.
  • The module also has a shut-down mode, PA bypass mode, and LNA bypass mode to minimize power consumption.


  • Automated meter reading
  • Advanced metering infrastructure
  • ISM systems
  • Range extender

The SKY66119-11 FEM has been designed into reference designs with products from Silicon Labs and Texas Instruments.

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