DIY Smart Door Locks

smart door lock

Want to make your own WiFi & Bluetooth smart door locks? 

Smart door locks are one of the popular connected devices in any home or business. These devices mostly rely on batteries to function and connect to the rest of the world. One of the challenges that designers face in wireless battery-powered door locks is extending the battery runtime as replacing multiple batteries can be a time consuming and costly issue.

Here are two reference designs that let you create your own smart door locks that are wireless, run-off batteries and offer a good battery life:

Bluetooth Door Lock


TI offers a smart door lock reference design that enables 5+ years battery life on 4x AA batteries. The main components of the design are a light load efficient DC/DC converter, SimpleLink ultra-low-power wireless microcontroller (MCU) platform with combined radio and MCU, integrated motor driver, and RGB LED driver. TI notes that the design focuses on reducing the current drained by the motor driver and radio to extend battery runtime.

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Smartphone-connected Wi-Fi Door Lock

This design from TI is a battery-powered smart-lock with cloud connectivity that eliminates the need for physical keys and allows users to control a lock from anywhere using smartphone, tablet, or PC and internet connectivity. Additionally, you can get notifications when an entry point is locked or unlocked. The design claims to offer 1.26 Years of estimated battery life, using four AA batteries while always connected.

The door lock features a SimpleLink Wi-Fi MCU that helps to support a Wi-Fi connection with very low-power to extend battery life. Additionally, security features supported by this MCU make the design robust and function as a reliable component in an access control system.

High-speed WiGig USB 3.0 Adapter Reference Design For Portables

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