Power Supply For Intelligent Wall Plug

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The Internet of things (IoT) consists of billions of “smart things” connected to the Internet impacting the global energy consumption. We see a lot of IoT devices such as smart outlets, light bulbs, smart meters and light switches. What many of these devices have in common is that they already have the power available to them, but it is AC. To power the “always-on” sensors and microprocessors in these devices, we need an AC/DC supply that must be highly efficient at both low load and full load to help reduce the overall power consumption from the IoT device. In addition, they must be compact, reliable and, above all, affordable as the sensors, processors, and actuators they supply.

Off-line isolated power supply 3 W 5 V reference design

Infineon has developed a 3 W 5 V off-line isolated power supply reference design − an efficient low-power low-standby power supply based on the Infineon CoolSET family of integrated off-line power supply ICs.

Key features of this reference design are a very small form factor, very-low no-load power consumption, and stable operation in all conditions. The very low power consumption with no-load is achieved by addressing critical components that continuously draw power.


  • The output is single 5 V 600 mA.
  • Extremely low standby power consumption, < 13 mW over the input voltage range 180–265 VAC.
  • Low EMI is achieved by built-in frequency jitter and soft start operation.


  • Extremely low standby power (<13mW)
  • Low output voltage ripple (<80mVpp)
  • Small form factor 50mm x 23.5mm x 14 mm (L x W x H)


  • IoT applications including standby power supply, power supply for microcontrollers and power supply for standalone sensors operating on a wired/wireless interface bus.
  • USB-power supply embedded in a wall plug
  • Intelligent wall plug switched by wireless (with relay)
  • Metering application
  • General applications with small form factor in the power range 1 W to 3 W
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