Innovative NFC Chip Boosts Mobile Payments


ST’s Near-Field Communication (NFC) solution allows reliable and secure contactless payments with Alcatel 3V smartphone 

Contactless payments via smartphones and wearables are convenient and fast which has made them more and more common for daily transactions. This has given a rise in the growth of Near-Field Communications (NFC) technology and most mobile device manufacturers are exploring the technology for the future.

In a recent announcement, STMicroelectronics announced that its NFC technology is powering the contactless features of TCL Communication’s recently launched Alcatel 3V smartphone for the European market.


According to the announcement, ST’s NFC technology ensures robust connectivity for fast and reliable contactless payments, e-ticket transactions, peer-to-peer data transfer, and emerging use cases including interacting with “physical-web” objects like smart posters or store-shelves.

Alcatel 3V smartphone uses ST’s NFC controller chip

ST said its ST21NFCD chip gives designers more flexibility to use smaller antenna sizes and minimize system power consumption for longer battery life.

The chip contains many integrated features that minimize circuit size and bill-of-materials costs. It integrates a complete NFC controller and RF circuitry that together meet NFC Forum type 1-5 tag specifications, ISO/IEC 18092 NFC Interface and Protocol (NFCIP), and RFID and payment standards including ISO 15693, ISO/IEC 14443 Type A & B, JIS X 6319 – 4 and MIFARE.

The certification to GSMA, EMVCo and NFC Forum standards helped TCL Communication to streamline certification to these mandatory stringent standards for handsets.

“With the all-new direction of our Alcatel 2018 smartphone portfolio, we are committed to continuing delivering high-quality and affordably priced smartphones that appear more premium than their price,” said Stefan Streit, General Manager, Global Marketing, TCL Communication. ”We are pleased to partner with ST to equip Alcatel 3V with reliable and secure contactless connections for our customers around the globe and to provide even richer experiences and superior interoperability throughout the numerous contactless terminals in their everyday lives. The support provided by ST and the highly effective collaboration between our technical teams helped us quickly achieve the applicable certifications for the Alcatel 3V.”

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“The high RF performance of ST’s NFC solution maximizes freedom and flexibility to optimize new product designs,” said Laurent Degauque, Marketing Director, Secure Microcontroller Division, STMicroelectronics. “Leveraging that flexibility effectively streamlined NFC integration on the Alcatel 3V smartphone, ultimately ensuring shorter time to revenue for our customer, TCL Communication.”

ST and TCL Communication aim to extend their collaboration to integrate ST’s hardware digital-security solutions into future TCL Communication products.

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