Wi-Fi Smart Plug For Smart Homes & Buildings


Today, there is an increasing number of smart home devices that benefit the lives of consumers. A considerable number of smart appliances have emerged, which can be controlled remotely — such as smoke detectors, smart refrigerator, washer/dryer, etc. These devices can be controlled using current common wireless technologies including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.

Wi-Fi Smart Plug design

Whether you want to control your home electronics and appliances from anywhere or track your home’s energy usage, a Wi-Fi Smart Plug is an awesome solution. You can remotely control them from your smartphone which makes them an important component in the smart home.

TI has created a smart plug reference design that allows you to power on or off your home electronics from any smartphone, tablet, or computer through a standard web browser.


This design allows single-outlet energy measurement with remote connect/disconnect capability and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The design is intended to help engineers quickly create networked load control devices for industrial building and home automation applications.

Notably, the design features compact size and low power consumption.

The TIDC-SMARTPLUG-WIFI is based on only three TI IC’s (SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 wireless MCU, MSP430i2040 MCU and UCC28910D 700V Flyback Switcher) to enable a highly integrated, cloud-connected energy measurement solution, according to TI.

Key features:

  • Single-phase energy measurement that calculates RMS current, RMS voltage, active and reactive power and energies, power factor, and frequency
  • Solid-state relay provides remote connect/disconnect capability
  • Compact physical design with minimal BOM components
  • Low-power components plus efficient power supply provide low system power consumption
  • The system design is tested and includes firmware for energy measurement, Wi-Fi connectivity, and relay control along with Android-based demo application and user’s guide
Chip Supports Concurrent Zigbee & Bluetooth For Smart Homes


• Smart Plugs
• Metering
• Home Appliances / White Goods
• Home Monitoring

Click here to view the reference design.




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