Thick Film Power Resistor Gets Smaller, Cost-effective

thick film power resistor

New AEC-Q200 Qualified, 150 W thick film power resistor in clip mount TO247 for automotive and industrial applications

Miniaturization and high-performance is a familiar scenario in the electronics industry. Thus, manufacturers of electronic components such as resistors aim to reduce space and costs while at the same time improving performance.

In pursuit of this, Vishay has launched a new AEC-Q200 qualified thick film chip resistor designed to save space and lower component counts in automotive and industrial applications. The device features a clip mount TO247 package for direct mounting on a heatsink.


For automotive applications, the Vishay Sfernice LTO 150 boasts industry-high power dissipation of 150 W at a +45 °C case temperature and an improved pulse handling capability.

Another benefit is its 70 % higher power dissipation than competing devices in the TO247 package, which reduces the need for components to cool the resistor — saving board space, simplifying layouts, and reducing overall solution costs.

In addition, the LTO 150’s 30 % improvement in energy handling compared with similar TO247 devices, allows designers to utilize fewer resistors.

The resistor offers a high-temperature operation to +175 °C and a broad range of resistance values from 0.03 Ω to 1.3 MΩ.

The LTO 150 can be used as a precharge or discharge resistor for inverters, converters, and on-board chargers for electric vehicles (EV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), and plugged hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). It can also be used in general industrial and military power conversion applications.

The RoHS-compliant device offers a non-inductive design, tolerances down to ± 1 %, and superior reliability test results (i.e., extensive temperature cycling from 1,000 cycles and up).

Chip For Easy And Accurate Stepper Motor Control

Key benefits of the new Thick film power resistor:

• TO-247 easy mounting package
• Up to 150 W power dissipation capability at 45 °C case temperature (heatsink cooled)
• High pulse capability i.e. 4.5 J for 1 ms pulse / 57 J for 0.1 s pulse, allowing engineers to use less resistors in equipment
• Reduces the need to cool the resistive device and allows engineers to use fewer resistors
• AEC-Q200 full qualification. Long term reliability is improved
• High dielectric strength up to 3000 VRMS


• Automotive
• Avionics, military
• Industrial

Samples and production quantities of the new resistor are available now, with lead times of eight to 12 weeks.

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