Monitoring Indoor Air Quality To Improve With New Gas Sensors

air quality monitoring

Gas sensors enhance end-user experience for indoor air-quality monitoring

There are enormous benefits to both well-being and comfort with innovations in gas sensors which monitor air quality in homes, automobiles and industry. In response to this, sensor specialist ams has boosted the functionality of its CCS8xx family of gas sensor integrated circuits (ICs) to reduce initialization time and improve performance for indoor air-quality monitoring applications.

Gas sensors offer improved functionalities

The company has announced major upgrades to the software libraries of the CCS801, an analog volatile organic compound (VOC) sensor IC, and the device firmware for CCS811, a digital VOC sensor IC. This has reduced the initialization period from more than 48 hours to 60 minutes.


“Now an indication of the indoor air quality level via a relative value for total VOC (TVOC) or equivalent CO2 (eCO2) can be used almost immediately after initial power-on in the end product”, the company claims.

This means that OEM customers can greatly reduce or even eliminate any burn-in process implemented at the factory.

The performance updates to the CCS8xx family also extend the air quality indication range from 8,194ppm to 32,768ppm for eCO2 value and from 1,187ppb to 32,768ppb for the maximum eTVOC value. This improvement will allow the CCS8xx sensors to operate in devices such as air cleaners and air purifiers in polluted indoor environments.

The new software also gives users the flexibility to configure the clean air baseline value, to ensure that the behavior of the sensor can be more closely matched with the characteristics of its intended operating environment.

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Simultaneously, ams has completed extensive testing of the CCS8xx product family when exposed to HDMS and D5, the most common siloxanes used in personal care and household cleaning products, to demonstrate their long-term reliability and high resistance to contamination by airborne siloxanes.

The CCS801 and CCS811 gas sensors are available now in production volumes. Evaluation kits are available. For more information, visit



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