Compact, Lightweight Capacitors For Space Applications


Capacitor range fully qualified for use in European, Asian, and American space market applications extended with new 0402 and 2220 case sizes 

Space applications increasingly need electronic components that are highly reliable and durable. Besides this, there are other factors such as cost, size and weight that play an important role.

AVX has recently extended its range of space-qualified ESCC QPL 3009/041 X7R base metal electrode (BME) multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) to include two new case sizes.


The capacitors are now available in seven case sizes spanning 0402 to 2220 with capacitance values & voltage ratings extending from 2.2nF – 22uF & 16–100V.

According to the company, these compact, lightweight, surface-mount capacitors have the highest CV range of any ESCC MLCC currently available on the market.

“Their high-CV performance enables revolutionary board space, weight, and component count reductions that directly translate into lower launch costs in space applications”, AVX noted.

The components also feature AVX’s patented FLEXITERM termination technology, which allows for more board flexure to provide protection against thermal and mechanical stresses both during assembly and use.

The components are tested to the European Space Agency’s stringent 3009/041 specifications for high-reliability performance.


Ideal applications for the series include I/O filtering and bulk storage in the switch mode power supplies (SMPS) within space and satellite communications and launchers, military aircraft, and defense, weapons, and radar systems.


The series ships with standard high-reliability lead-times. For more information about AVX’s range of ESCC QPL 3009/041 X7R BME MLCCs, click here.

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