Low-cost MCUs Boost Real-Time IoT-Device Innovation

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New microcontroller (MCU) lines trim embedded Flash to the essential to reduce cost in making real-time Internet-of-things (IoT) devices

MCUs have become an essential component for designers of IoT devices. It’s no surprise that engineers are looking for low cost, high-performance MCUs for their designs.

With the latest additions to the STM32 MCU family, ST is offering developers extra flexibility to create affordable performance-oriented systems including real-time IoT devices, without compromising features or cyber protection.


The new devices include the STM32F7x0 and H7x0 Value Line microcontrollers (MCU).

According to ST, “with execution performance up to 2020 CoreMark at the heart of a secure and power-efficient architecture, the new Value Line devices are the entry point to IoT innovation in medical, industrial, and consumer applications.”

The company said that these new lines trim embedded Flash to the essential, still allowing secure boot, sensitive code and real-time routines to run safely on-chip, leveraging access times over 25 times faster than for external Flash (for cache miss).

If needed, applications can scale-up either by adding off-chip serial or parallel (up to 32-bit) memories and leveraging the MCUs’ broad external interfaces and eXecute in Place (XiP) capability, or by porting to other pin-to-pin compatible STM32F7 or STM32H7 MCU lines, with up to 2Mbyte Flash and up to 1Mbyte RAM, supported by the same ecosystem with the same easy-to-use tools, ST further explained.

The Value Lines retain STM32F7 and H7 features, such as the state-of-the-art peripherals, hardware accelerators, and the real-time architecture with ultra-fast internal buses, short interrupt latency, and fast (~1ms) boot-up.

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Further benefits, according to ST, are that the MCUs are energy efficient, with flexible power modes, gated power domains, and on-chip power management that simplify design and reduce BOM cost.

Additionally, with up to 125°C as the maximum junction temperature, developers can leverage the full core and peripherals performance even when ambient temperature increases.

Pricing & Availability:

The STM32F730, STM32F750, and STM32H750 Value Line MCUs are in production, in various LQFP and BGA package options from 64-pin to 240-pin. Prices start from $1.64 for the STM32F730, $2.39 for the STM32F750 and $2.69 for the STM32H750 for orders of 1000 pieces.

For further information on the product, visit st.com/stm32f7vl or st.com/stm32h7v.



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