Open-source KiCad EDA Library Gets A New Release


Digi-Key has announced 1.0 Release of the library for the open-source KiCad Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tool

In the world of electronics design, you readily need ready-to-use parts to put yourself on the fast track to success. For designers using the open-source KiCad schematic capture and PCB tool, Digi-Key Electronics has recently announced the release 1.0 of the Digi-Key KiCad symbol and footprint library.

Digikey said that the “version 1.0” is a major milestone for the library development, indicating that the library is “complete”, has all major features, and is considered reliable enough for general release to engineers, designers, and customers.


Each part contains Digi-Key descriptions, part numbers, and more data that allows for easy Bill of Materials resolution and uploading to the Digi-Key cart or BOM tool.

“After more than 140 GitHub commits and reviews of each part in the library, we are ready to announce the 1.0 release,” said Randall Restle, VP, Applications Engineering.

“This is not the end of development and we are working hard to add more parts to the library and provide KiCad users with a useful set of symbols and footprints for their rapid prototyping needs. We are especially concentrating on difficult to make connectors and IoT modules.”

For further info about KiCad, click here.


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