15 Watt Medical DC-DCs In 1.0 x 1.6″ Package

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New 15 Watt DC-DC Converter designed to meet medical industry guidelines

Medical applications can place specific requirements on the design of DC/DC converters. They are required to meet strict standards and are usually small to allow space saving on the circuit board.

TRACO POWER has recently launched the new THM 15 family of medical 15 Watt DC/DC converters with a wide 2:1 input range in a 1.0 x 1.6 x 0.40” footprint. According to the company, the products are a reliable solution not only for medical equipment but also for demanding ITE.


The converters provide high isolation of 5,000 VACrms (250 VACrms working voltage) with reinforced insulation and low leakage < 2.5uA.

All models are certified to ANSI/AAMI ES 60601-1:2005/(R) 2012 3rd Edition for 2xMOPP compliance and are suitable for B & BF rated applications, the company stated in the product announcement.

The series consists of 21 models offering 9~18 / 18~36 / 36~75 Vin and outputs of 5 / 12 / 15 / 24 / ±5 / ±12 / ±15 V.

Key specs of the new medical DC/DC converters at a glance:

  • The products feature an extended -40 to +85C operating temperature range (full power to +65C)
  • Efficiencies are up to 90%
  • +/- 10% voltage trim range
  • EMC compliance to IEC60601-1 4th edition and EN55032 Class A
  • Operating altitude is up to 5000m
  • Protections include under-voltage lock-out, overload protection and short-circuit protection
  • These mission-critical products are designed and produced according to ISO 13485 Quality Management System, are supported with a Risk management process according to ISO 14971 and manufactured according to IPC-A-610 Level 3 standards
  • The products are backed by a warranty of 5 Years.
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Products are in stock and available through the TRACO POWER global distribution network with manufacturing lead times of 9-10 weeks.

For specifications, drawings and safety documentation, click here. 



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