IC Authenticator to Enhance Patient Safety


This IC authenticator can enhance patient safety by allowing radiation-tolerance in surgical tools and sensor applications

The DS28E83 DeepCover IC authenticator by Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. can allow medical device designers to protect surgical tool data from memory-disruptive, high-energy gamma radiation used in sterilization.

Potential benefits

Medical device manufacturers commonly sterilise limited-use surgical tools or sensors through a gamma or e-beam process. High radiation exposure used in either process can disrupt and damage the standard, non-volatile memory (NVM) that electronic medical devices use for auto identification, as well as calibration and manufacturing data. This can jeopardize medical device data and patient safety.


The introduced authenticator includes both elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ECDSA) and Secure Hash Algorithm-256 (SHA-256)-based cryptographic features. As an authentication solution designed for gamma sterilization exposure, it can enhance patient safety. Additionally, the 1-Wire interface can allow simple integration into designs.

Implementation and applications

The DS28E83 authenticator integrates a radiation-tolerant NVM to prevent data loss during sterilisation. With this capability, device designers can implement protection from unauthorized re-use and aftermarket device counterfeiting.

By allowing electronic surgical instruments to undergo gamma or e-beam sterilization, the DS28E83 can enhance patient safety. Authentication is implemented through elliptic-curve and public-key cryptography to protect patients against the risks associated with non-qualified counterfeit devices or incidental re-use. It can be applied for medical surgical tools and sensor applications.


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