Controller IC for Lighting Solutions


Resonant controller IC with PFC can be applied for power supply and lighting drivers

The second generation ICL5102 resonant controller IC by Infineon Technologies AG can enable optimised LED lighting solutions. The introduced solutions target applications such as LED drivers for professional, industrial lighting and street lighting.

Key attributes

The ICL5102 is an integration of Power Factor Correction (PFC) and half-bridge (HB) controllers in a single DSO-16 package. It can allow support for universal input voltages ranging from 70V AC to 325V AC and has a comparable wide output range.


The parameters are set by resistors. The active burst mode for low standby consumes less than 300 mW. Further, an enable/disable function supports dimming.

Additional features

The PFC controller features brownout detection and an adjustable THD for light load operation. It is capable of detecting overload, short circuit, BUS, HB or output under and over voltage as well as over temperature. An integrated capacitive mode regulator prevents operation in capacitive mode. All protection features use AUTO restart.

It has been suggested that the controller IC has been designed particularly for power supply and lighting drivers. Additionally, it can be used for offline AC-DC power supplies and LCD TVs.



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