Offline Convertors to make Power Supplies Efficient and Flexible


Offline converter with embedded 800V avalanche-rugged MOSFET enables equipment makers to design tougher auxiliary power supplies and power adapters

STMicroelectronics announces an Off-Line Converters for 5-30V Power Supplies which plans to enhance ruggedness, efficiency and flexibility. The 26Vdc drain-start voltage allows a wide line input voltage range and it enhances flexibility in numerous consumer and industrial applications.

Voltage range and efficiency

The logic-level primary MOSFET (metal-oxide-semiconductor-field-effect transistor) enables the VIPer11 to operate with a  supply voltage range, from 4.5V up to 30V, allowing the design of efficient 5V output SMPS.


This advantage in combination with features like an integrated high-voltage startup, an error amplifier, and a jittered oscillator that reduces EMI, simplify design and save space and Bills of Material costs.

Desired output voltage

VIPer11 high-voltage converters enable flyback, boost, or buck/boost power supplies powered directly from the rectified AC line or other DC sources to generate the desired output voltage using a simple voltage divider.

Suitable efficiency is assured across an appropriate load range, even at 5V output voltage thanks to the logic-level MOSFET feature, and industry-leading minimum consumption of 10mW enables low standby power.

Integrated power supply control and applications

In addition to the extensive integrated power-supply control functions, the HV converter contains comprehensive built-in protection features including overload/short-circuit protection (OLP), line or output over-voltage protection (OVP), maximum duty-cycle counter, and VCC clamping, all with automatic restart. There is also embedded thermal shutdown, built-in soft‑start and pulse-skip protection to avoid flux-runaway and enhance system reliability.

Capable of supporting typical maximum rating of 12W in an open-frame SMPS, or 10W in an enclosed adapter, the VIPer11 addresses a variety of domestic appliances and consumer products, building-automation equipment, small industrial machinery, lighting, smart meters, and motion controls. Users also leverage support from development tools including evaluation kits, application notes, spice models and eDesign simulation tool that helps evaluate the VIPer11 features.

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