Op-amp For Applications Demanding High-accuracy Sensing

low noise opamp

Op-amp ideal for industrial applications that demand high-accuracy sensing, including sonar and optical sensors

A growing number of applications incorporate sensors to detect acceleration, light and other parameters. Operational amplifiers are widely used to amplify the signal coming from these sensors before they can be further processed and require sensitive analog technology to ensure high-accuracy amplification. ROHM has recently launched a new CMOS opamp that claims to feature the lowest noise in the industry optimized for industrial applications requiring high-accuracy sensing, such as accelerometers used in sonar systems and optical sensors that handle ultra-small signals.

According to ROHM, the new LMR1802G-LB reduces the input equivalent noise voltage density by half (2.9nV/√Hz at 1kHz, 7.8nV/√Hz at 10Hz) compared to conventional products, significantly improving the detection performance of sensor signals.


Input offset voltage is 450µV and input bias current is only 0.5pA (claimed 4x and 2x less than conventional products, respectively), for high accuracy amplification.

“In recent years, in addition to IoT devices, sensors are being adopted in a variety of applications from portables and vehicle systems to industrial equipment, to improve functionality and provide advanced control. Used to detect and convert various environmental and physical changes into signals, sensors demand high accuracy, but at the same time peripheral sensor circuitry is trending towards lower voltages to achieve greater power savings”, said ROHM in the announcement.

Potential Applications of the LMR1802G-LB Op-amp:

  • Distance measuring equipment utilizing sonar and optical sensors
  • Security systems, IR remote controls, night vision, and other sets equipped with IR sensors
  • Devices demanding high accuracy operation (i.e. HDD)
  • Equipment management systems including flow meters and gas detectors
  • Other industrial and consumer sets integrating sensors requiring high accuracy detection
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Pricing & Availability:

Pricing is yet to be discussed. Samples are available from June 2018, and production quantities are planned to be available in October 2018.

Click here for Press release.



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