MediaTek Chip Helio P60 Powering Mid-Range Phones with AI


AI functionalities till now were a defining feature for high end phones but with budget phones inculcating more and more such functionalities the need of high performance processor chips is indispensable.

Mediatek held an event ‘AI Forum’ in which it re-introduced its Helio P60 chip and its AI capabilities with speakers from Real Me1, Facebook and Google backing the capabilities of the chip.

More powerful aimed at mid-range phones

The MediaTek Helio P60 chip has eight cores and AI built into the chipset. As per the Taiwanese chip manufacturer, it’s trying to compete with the likes of Qualcomm by offering an octa-core big.The AI configuration is embedded on a 12nm chip, but doing so for mid-range priced phones.


This powers a 70% CPU and 70% GPU performance uptick compared to its chipset predecessors, the Helio P23 and Helio P30. In addition to the eight-core processor, it makes use of the new Mali G72 MP3 GPU at up to 800MHz to help raise the graphics performance bar.

T L Lee, General Manager, Wireless Communication, MediaTek, said: “MediaTek is enabling the future of AI by creating an ecosystem of Edge-AI hardware processors across its product range — from smartphones to smart homes, wearables, IoT and connected cars. The future of AI-enhanced devices is dramatic and the potential is yet to be fully realized. We are confident that sophisticated AI applications will keep bringing newer user experiences and change the world of smartphones in India.”

Although it is not the most powerful chip from MediaTek’s which is Helio X30, the Helio P60 chip is priced for mid-range phones that will target mass selling. Most of the smartphones manufacturers over the years have displayed their flagship phones as their star products, most of the sales and revenue is witnessed in budget phone section. The P60 may help them to provide more features and oblige their majority customers.

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Increased efficiency and battery life

In addition to 70% performance gains, Helio P60 is promising 12% efficiency overall and to become up to 25% more efficient in situations when you’re running intense tasks (think 3D gaming), according to MediaTek.

The result here is that your new phone won’t run out of battery quite so fast. The chip’s CorePilottechnology is supposed to assign workloads across the eight cores for optimal performance.

Helio P60 also has three different ISPs for its camera, which allow it to see an 18% power savings on dual cameras vs previous generation chip sets. This will allow users to take more pictures per recharge cycle.

All of this helps solve the No. 1 complaint we hear from smartphone users everyday. It’s not the camera, screen resolution, or thinness of the phone they want to maximize. It’s that they want more battery life.

Better photography using AI

AI is the new buzzword that every phone and chip maker is capitalizing on right now, and the Helio P60 is right there in the thick of this trending technology initiative.

MediaTek’s NeuroPilot AI architecture brings features like facial recognition, object and scene identification to the chipset, and it’s compatible with Google’s Android Neural Network with support for TensorFlow, TF Lite, Caffe and Caffe 2.

What this means for the average consumer is that developers will be able to bring AI applications to smartphones with the Helio P60 chip. Mid-range phones should be able to become part of that AI future that everyone is talking up, too.

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Phone manufacturers can also harness new camera capabilities thanks to the fact that the new chipset supports a 20MP and 16MP dual camera, or a whopping 32MP single camera system.

While demonstrating a demo to EFY, Ms. Selina Ko, Product Marketing Manager, Mediatek said:” The possibilities around the processor platform has increased manifolds and very soon we would be able to move a step further from facial recognition to pose recognition.”

We may not actually see a 32MP camera from most mid-range phones, but it’s the new ceiling on the P60. This is also how MediaTek is able to boast camera tricks like real-time bokeh, anti-bloom, noise reduction and AI-accelerated face.

Phones in India with Helio P60

Recently launched Real Me1, OPPO and Redmi’s 6 series phones are featuring this chip and company claims to have partnered with many more phone manufacturers around the country for collaboration.



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