MCUs to Sample Synchronous Signals


Combination of touch-sensing and built-in safety functions can help improve the performance of sensor nodes

Making an expansion in the AVR microcontrollers (MCUs) series, Microchip Technology Inc. has announced two new devices with analogue features and memory variants. The devices have claimed built-in safety functions that can help designers in making systems for harsh environments.

Touch control and measurements

ATtiny3217 and ATtiny3216 feature two Analogue-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) to allow systems to touch control simultaneously with other analogue measurements. This can make them suitable for sensor applications including capacitive touch interfaces.


While one of them can be used with the Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC) for touch signal acquisition,  the second one is capable of monitoring other inputs such as thermistors and pressure sensors. Both of them can also be applied in sampling different types of sensors.

Intended applications

Additionally, the dual ADC can be used in synchronous sampling of analogue signals such as voltage and current. They also feature a hardware-based event system for inter-peripheral communication without CPU involvement. These features have been included with an intention of improving real-time performance and system response speed.

The built-in safety functions can allow designers to detect and respond to voltage supply variations such as Power On Reset (POR), programmable Brownout Detect (BOD) and Voltage Level Monitor (VLM). The new MCUs present a combination of touch-sensing and safety functions that can let designers develop the user experience in home appliances, automotive and industrial automation.


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