Alliance To Tackle Huge Amounts Of Self-driving Car Data


Tech giants form an alliance to develop networking technology for future self-driving cars

Self-driving cars need to transfer huge amounts of data coming in from multiple cameras and sensors, This creates a need for a new wave of high-speed networking solutions to network processing engines, gateways, sensors, cameras and storage devices. To this end, five tech and car companies including Aquantia, Bosch, Continental, NVIDIA, and Volkswagen have formed the Networking for Autonomous Vehicles (NAV) Alliance intended to support the development of multi-gigabit ethernet networking solutions for future vehicles.

Kurt Lehmann, Corporate Technology Officer, Continental said, “As a leading technology company, Continental continuously conducts research in order to further enabling technologies that will be the future of electrified and autonomous vehicles. In-vehicle high-speed data communication is the key for faster introduction of new vehicle system architectures as an enabler for future vehicle solutions. Continental is convinced that the collaboration with the NAV alliance partners fosters and paves the way for the next generation of in-vehicle high-speed data networking.”

About NAV Alliance:


NAV Alliance was created to provide a platform for the automotive industry to develop the next generation of in-vehicle Network infrastructure for autonomous vehicles and facilitate wide deployment of networking technologies and products. The alliance was founded by leading vehicle manufacturers, technology suppliers and networking players in the automotive market, sharing the goal of developing the ecosystem that is required for next-generation Multi-Gig Automotive Ethernet networks in the vehicle.

NAV Alliance’s Founding Objectives:

  • Develop the ecosystem for next-generation Multi-Gig Ethernet automotive networking
  • Create specifications for interoperability, security and reliability of the in-vehicle network
  • Promote products and solutions that adhere to the new specifications
  • Establish standards body liaisons
  • Build marketing activities to build awareness and educate the marketplace and users
New Connected-Car Automotive MCU for Secure Communication

Founding members will focus on these core objectives and expand the NAV Alliance membership roster in the coming months to include additional automotive suppliers and manufacturers.



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