Low-cost, Waterproof Six-axis Motion Sensor

6-axis accelerometer

New waterproof 6 axis acceleration and angular rate sensor comes with USB interface

To meet the rising demand for higher performance, lower-cost motion-sensing devices, Codemercs has launched the new JoyWarrior56FR1-WP, a cost-efficient, waterproof six-axis motion sensor with a USB interface. The sensor is designed to replace the previous JoyWarrior24F14-WP and believed to offer significantly improved performance.

Key highlights of the new motion sensor:-

  • Three axes each of acceleration and angular rate are measured with 16 bit resolution. Measurement ranges from ±2 g to ±16 g and 125 dps to 2000 dps.
  • Standard data rate is 833 measurements per second. A high-speed mode generates 6,664 data sets per second. In standard mode the data is reported as joystick data. This eliminates the requirement of a special driver and allows to read the data with any program that can accept joystick data as input.
  • An extended temperature range of -10°C to 85°C and the waterproof package opens many applications for the sensor.
  • The sensor has two mounting holes and a strong internal magnet to make it simple to attach it to a surface. The mechanical dimensions and the center of the sensor are identical with JoyWarrior24F14-WP so it can directly replace the older sensor.
  • A configuration tool for setting the sensor parameters, a 3D tilt angle demo, and a data recorder are part of the software support.
  • At a single unit price of Euro 69 (excl. VAT) JoyWarrior56FR1-WP allows the use in price sensitive applications.

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