New High Power RF Products Ready For 5G

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New GaN and Si-LDMOS offerings to enable 5G claim high-performance in a compact footprint

As Gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (Si-LDMOS) technologies have started to shine for the emerging 5G standard, NXP has unveiled new GaN and Si-LDMOS product options to enable 5G. The company has introduced new RF GaN wideband power transistors and expanded its Airfast third-generation Si-LDMOS portfolio of macro and outdoor small cell solutions.

New High-power RF products include:

  • A3G22H400-04S: Suitable for 40W base stations, this GaN product yields up to 56.5% efficiency and 15.4dB of gain and covers cellular bands from 1800MHz to 2200MHz.
  • A3G35H100-04S: Providing 43.8% efficiency and 14dB of gain, this GaN product enables 16 TX MIMO solutions at 3.5GHz.
  • A3T18H400W23S: This Si-LDMOS product is paving the way to 5G at 1.8GHz with Doherty efficiency up to 53.4% and gain of 17.1dB.
  • A3T21H456W23S: Covering the full 90MHz band of 2.11-2.2GHz, this solution exemplifies NXP’s Si-LDMOS performance for efficiency, RF power and signal bandwidth.
  • A3I20D040WN: Within NXP’s family of integrated ultra-wideband LDMOS products, this solution offers peak power of 46.5dBm with 365MHz wideband class AB performance of 32dB of gain, and 18% efficiency at 10dB OBO.
  • A2I09VD030N: This product offers peak power of 46dBm with class AB performance of 34.5dB gain, and 20% efficiency at 10dB OBO. The RF bandwidth is 575-960MHz.

NXP noted that the company’s diverse range of RF power technologies—which include GaN, silicon-LDMOS, SiGe, and GaAs – allows product options for 5G that span frequency and power spectrums with varying levels of integration.

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NXP predicts that the future of 5G networks will depend on GaN and Si-LDMOS technologies and notes that the company is at the forefront in its RF power amplifier development.

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