Compact Computing Module for Demanding Hi-Rel Applications


QLS1046-4GB, a computing module to ease adoption in aerospace programs and meet military industry standards

Teledyne e2v has announced the processor QLS1046-4GB that has combined with 4GB DDR4 memory including 8 bits ECC. The ability of the processor to function with Real Time Operating Systems makes it a versatile commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) processing solution for demanding Hi-Rel applications.

It is the next computing module to join Qormino after the launch of the first prototype of the Qormino family.

Features to qualify for aerospace programs


The Qormino module QLS1046-4GB will integrate NXP’s QorIQ LS1046 that features a quad Arm Cortex A72 processor and this processor is further combined with 4GB DDR4 memory including 8 bits ECC.

The processor retains the speed communication performance while reducing the typical form factor required to perform the level of computing by more than 1000mm². It is made in a way to qualify in multiple temperature grades, to ease adoption in aerospace programs and are pre-qualified to aerospace and military industry standards.

Concept behind launch

It is aimed to reduce time-to-market for system designers by offering a plug and play processor and memory module in a compact form factor for ease of adoption across different system designs.

Marketing manager of NXP Semiconductor, Altaf Hussain valued the partnership as to bring the commercial processors for High-Reliability applications.

The QLS1046-4GB is the second member of the Qormino family, following the recent release of the QT1040-4GB, based on NXP’s T1040 and 4GB DDR4.

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