UPS Module for Safety and Short Period High Peaks


Supercapacitor boost (S-CAP) is a UPS module that is combined with intelligent control and monitoring which delivers peak power and safety for industrial and medical applications

The supercapacitor boost technology, S-CAP Boost was announced by Powerbox. It features 22 supercapacitors totalling 29 Farads and has a capacity of 2500W for 5 seconds at full load and 30 seconds at half-load. This will allow industrial and medical power integrators for better power management as it will offer backup and peak power solutions to them. It can be configured to charge and monitor supercapacitor banks to work as UPS.

High energy peaks

S-CAP UPS module offers a solution to equipment manufacturers who require high energy peaks for short periods or emergency backup purposes in applications where due to safety regulations, Lithium Ion or acid batteries are not allowed.


Depending on the application, it can be configured to charge and monitor supercapacitor banks to work as UPS, delivering backup power to allow safety operations to take place before shutdown. This also offers high peak power for a short period without disturbing the main source or damaging the system battery in applications such as laser, electric motor booster or X-ray emission element.

Vital parameters control

In some conditions, conventional batteries can be replaced by this technology, whose values could be from few Farads to 200 Farads. It can tightly control vital parameters, from a single 2.8V cell supercapacitor to a wide range of assemblies delivering a specific voltage and energy required for a given application.

The unit includes active charging cells control with load balancing, cell health monitoring and alarms. The technology provides a 2500W backup unit, developed for an industrial process-control computer.



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