RF Synthesizer with Output Range of 62Mhz-32Ghz


A wide range synthesizer consisting of a Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) with integrated Voltage Control Oscillator (VCO) and integrated tracking filter technology introduced by Analog Devices, Inc (ADI)

The  ADF4371 supports RF and microwave system design that meets requirements of various markets, including aerospace and defense, test and measurement, communications infrastructure, as well as high-speed converter clocking.

Wide RF output range and integrated power supply

This product is a high frequency synthesizer and offers wide continuous RF output range of 62MHz to 32GHz. It has a built-in tracking filter technology, ultra-low PLL FOM (Frequency Offset Mode) (-234dBc/Hz), ultra-low spurious (-100dBc typ.) and low VCO phase noise (-134 dBc/Hz @1MHz offset at 8GHz).


It supports integrated power supply decoupling, integrated LDOs and integrated harmonic tracking filters. The tracking filter technology facilitates at least 30 dB harmonic and sub-harmonic rejection across the entire VCO range.

High resolution and low jitter

The device facilitates implementation of resolution (39-bit) fractional-N or integer-N PLL frequency synthesizers when used with an external loop filter and an external reference source.

The wideband microwave VCO design allows frequencies from 62.5 MHz to 32 GHz to be generated. The device features low jitter (36fs at 10 GHz) and reference spurious (-100dBc typ.)

Low FOM, high PHD and integrated harmonics filters

The product provides ultra-low FOM (Normalized Phase Noise Floor): -234dBc/Hz and high phase frequency detection (PFD) capability up to 250 MHz.It features Integer boundary spurs (-90dBc @ 960kHz offset from integer channel) Integrated harmonic filters.

Along with low integrated phase noise (jitter) < 36fs @ 10GHz, it also features low integrated phase noise (jitter) < 36fs @ 10GHz. It is available into 7mm x 7mm 48 Lead- LGA package.

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