ROHM and GaN Systems Collaborates for GaN Power Semiconductor Business


Joining hands will address the needs of demanding industries including data center servers, renewable energy systems, automotive, industrial motors and consumer electronics

ROHM and GaN Systems announced their collaboration in the GaN (gallium nitride) power semiconductor business with the goal of contributing to the continuing evolution of power electronics. The duet has agreed to jointly develop, form and function compatible products using GaN semiconductor dies in both GaN Systems’ GaNPX packaging and ROHM’s power semiconductor packaging.

Greater access to products will benefit customers

The two companies will work together on GaN semiconductor research and development activities to propose ground-breaking solutions for the industrial, automotive and consumer electronics fields.


In addition to this, they will contribute to greater energy savings and increased power densities in the electronics market, will expand their line-up of GaN products and broaden the range of choices. Hence providing benefit to customers in terms of accessing its products and resources.

CEO of GaN Systems Jim Witham stated about the ascent of the company by the collaboration into power electronics to achieve efficient, smaller and higher power electronics.

A view to leveraging the superior technologies

The twain are looking forward to experiencing the benefits of businesses by offering leading-edge products such as SiC (Silicon Carbide) power devices and provide power solutions that integrate control technologies including gate drivers to maximise device performance.

After the collaboration, senior MD of ROHM Semiconductor Katsumi Azuma mentioned about the ability to accelerate the development of high-performance solutions to solve the needs of the power market.




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