New Radio Frequency Analog to Digital Converter AD9213


With the introduction of a radio frequency analog to digital converter AD9213 has taken the industry’s speed and bandwidth to the next level.

Characterstics of AD9213

The new AD9213 features higher parametric performance, greater Nyquist bandwidth thereby allowing the digitization of radio frequency signals up to 7 GHz. It has a greater system for dynamic range for better discrimination between signals. It deals superiorly with noise performance over a wide signal bandwidth and also enhance multi-chip synchronization for phased array applications.

Along with these product highlights it has higher sample rates that is 2.5 times sampling as compared to other similar devices.

Relevance of AD9213 in technical world


The AD9213 provides aerospace and defense customers with greater flexibility and ability to process larger sections of spectrum in electronic surveillance. It will help electronic test and measurement manufacturers (ETM) create greater product differentiation with a new levels of performance in time-domain applications such as digital oscilloscopes and spectroscopy.

The wider Nyquist bandwidth allow satellite communication customers to deliver products with increased bandwidth. It also enable new wideband digital pre-distortion architectures in wireless communications applications. Therefore it is proved to be highly beneficial in the field of aerospace, defence, instrumentation and communication.

Benefits over similar products

It has greater system integration with lower costs and reduced power consumption. It also features in decrease size and weight for compact uses. Additionally, the high sample rate and integrated post processing enabled performance gains in narrow-band applications.


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